Evidence that aliens are among us


Like you, I first realized aliens were among us the first time I saw Victoria Beckham.

She clearly was bred by a race foreign to our galaxy, one that exclusively used fashion magazines to define what we are supposed to look like. Aliens, know this. Real life 3D rendering of 2D glossy images of runway models is not a good idea.

A more obvious sign can be seen on American highways though. I am talking about the stick figures describing the human cargo of the vehicle -I am sure you have seen those white stickers who are almost standard issue on minivans and SUVs nowadays. Two kids, one mom, one dad, one dog… Since nobody in his right mind would feel a need to display that kind of information, I can only conclude that the stickers are being placed there to facilitate the abduction of humans by labeling the content of the rolling tin cans they drive around in.