London London London London London

I can’t believe it’s been ten years already. Rose Cafe had better coffee than the Hilton at a fraction of the price and their croissant was a decent copy of the real thing. The owner was friendly and the customers were a mix of blue collar workers, commuters emerging from the tube at Paddington or Edgware Road and  hospital workers from St Mary’s. That expression from the street sweeper -I’ll remember it forever. I didn’t connect it to anything at the time, but from that point on part of my brain knew that something was happening. The 2005 London Bombings had started, three near simultaneous explosions followed by the mistimed bomb on a double decker. Here is the place -Rose Cafe is now Lena’s and it is a bit of a fancier place as the new owner invested in a new paint job and an outside terrace. View the cafe on the map