The recent tsunami in Indonesia reminded me of a series of digital prints painted with watercolor and oil sticks that I created after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami that killed an estimated 200,000 people in the region.

A child blows on a moth, and far away a wave approaches the beach as women stare in disbelief. The composition intentionally reads right to left -I wanted the consequence to precede the cause when you first look at it.

The models are mother and child in real life.

Tsunami 1 by Jean Tripier - Print on photographic paper

Tsunami – Print on photographic paper

This is the main file I created digitally to establish the overall composition -it is a very large file as I intended to use this as a basis for a mural.

Tsunami 2 by Jean Tripier

Tsunami – Prints and watercolor on photographic paper

Above is the set of four panels assembled for the final composition.

Tsunami” – Series of painted digital prints on wood panels, 8 in. x 8 in. each