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Medium to large scale portraits in oils and acrylics -this is the core of my work as a painter.

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My favorite medium. Some of the watercolors use mixed media with digital prints, others are done traditionally. All are painted on Arches paper.

Watercolor bring a flow, an ambiguity and an organic quality to paintings that oil and acrylics cannot match. I wish I could make giant watercolors beyond the 22″ x 30″ of a sheet of Arches paper

Watercolor portraits

Watercolor landscapes

You can see twelve watercolors of Tel Aviv here.


A selection of ink drawings from my sketchbooks -portraits and nudes used as a basis for comics, Travelogue or paintings and larger watercolors.
These drawings are usually drawn on Arches paper, 10″ x 14″.

Self Portraits

A gallery of self portraits, used for my Travelogue books and painted over the last few years.

Most are ink and watercolor on Arches paper or bristol. Some combine traditional and digital elements or photographs. I typically draw self portraits from photographs but you will also see a few that were drawn live (they tend to be the ones where proportions are off).

Skate Art

I love skateboard art. Two years ago I started painting vintage skate decks and found that they make a great and organic canvas for collages and paintings. Starting up from a background that has a history, gritty look and existing color scheme makes it easier to come up with great compositions. Here is a gallery of my vintage skateboard designs -all painted using mixed media (acrylic and ink) and collages (prints and stickers) on old skate decks which gives each piece a unique, organic look.

The skate decks are layered with resin for a glossy finish. Old, beat-up skateboard decks tell a story, and I love using them as a support for art; these pieces bring an amazing presence to any room.

A photo gallery of twenty skateboard art pieces:

Art Nudes

Nude art and nude figure studies in watercolor or/and ink, usually painted on rough Arches paper.

Mixed Media

I have a gigantic collection of mixed media pieces which I use in creating large format paintings.

All pieces are typically digital prints incorporating both drawings and photographic elements that were printed on c-paper and painted using watercolor, oil, inks and oil sticks.

You will these pieces showing up in my comics, large scale paintings or murals.

Mixed media – panels with art resin

Tsunami” – series of digital prints painted with watercolor and oil sticks. Shown below is the original digital file, the finished piece and the five individual panels (one of which didn’t make it into the final composition).

Tsunami 1 by Jean Tripier

Tsunami 2 by Jean Tripier

Tsunami 3 by Jean Tripier Tsunami 6 by Jean Tripier Tsunami 4 by Jean Tripier Tsunami 5 by Jean Tripier Tsunami 7 by Jean Tripier





Portrait of the letter Q / From bones we grew trees” – series of painted photographs. Shown here is the original digital file and the individual panels.

"From bones we grew trees" by Jean Tripier "From bones we grew trees" by Jean Tripier "From bones we grew trees" by Jean Tripier "From bones we grew trees" by Jean Tripier "From bones we grew trees" by Jean Tripier









Stunned” – Series of painted digital prints. Shown below is the original digital file, the finished piece and the two individual panels.

Stunned by Jean TripierStunned by Jean Tripier Stunned by Jean Tripier Stunned by Jean Tripier









Annie” – Four portraits created as studies for larger oil paintings. Photographs manipulated in Photoshop, converted into c-prints and painted using watercolor and inks.

Annie by Jean Tripier Annie by Jean TripierAnnie by Jean Tripier Annie by Jean Tripier

Mixed media collages

Extract from my moleskine of collages -14 pages where I mixed collages with ink and watercolor, usually to study compositions or just to play around.

These collages are not meant to be anything but design experimentations. They work great to educate your eye and sense of composition especially if you stick to black and white images.