The nice folks at Sk8ology interviewed me to discuss skateboard art. Here is what I had to say, or you can access the whole thing on Sk8ology directly!

The Used Skateboard Deck ART of Jean Tripier

There exists an artist who paints beautiful pieces using the canvases of old, used and abused skateboard decks. His name is Jean Tripier and we reached out to him to find out about his process, his life in SF and the source of his inspiration.


The Used Skateboard Deck ART of Jean Tripier

Where do you live and work?

I live and work in San Francisco though I am originally from France.

When did you first start creating art? When did you realize that you wanted to be an artist?

I starting paintings as a kid and have not stopped since then. I don’t consider myself an artist -I just create things to capture what is beautiful to me. Creating is one part of who I am, and I have always done it.

Skate Deck Paintings

What possessed you to start painting used skateboard decks?

I surf quite a bit here in San Francisco, and I skate as well. I started painting the surfboards I was breaking at Ocean Beach, and then a few old skate decks I had at the studio. Old skate decks instantly generate inspiration, because they provide an organic and colorful canvas for painting on. There is a story built into every old deck, one that is revealed through the grind marks, the old stickers or the art of the board’s former rider. That story is my starting point to create something interesting. It also challenges me to come up with great designs, because sometimes the deck will look phenomenal as it is.

When you aren’t creating used skateboard deck art, what else occupies your time?

I do startups, and I surf.

Skate Deck Paintings

How long have you been making art?

I’ve been making art for as long as I remember. I am a lot better at it than I used to be, but staying inspired is the challenge.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Making art is how I process things that happen to me in real life. More and more of what I paint is autobiographical to some extent, and inspiration comes from encounters and experiences accumulated through traveling and just living. That and any form of found or street art.

Skate Deck Paintings

Tell us about your process when painting on a used skateboard deck.

The painting and design is heavily influenced by the skateboard deck itself, and the ideas that it generates. I like to mix up techniques. I will use collages, sanding, resin layering and old-fashioned oil or acrylic painting to get to the final piece. I also like to put 5 or 10 decks on the floor and paint all of them at once, going from one to the next and back, mixing up paints and inks and anything else I can find in the studio. The more chaotic this part of the process is, the better.

Do you have any shows featuring your used skateboard deck art coming up? 

Not in the short term, but drop me a line if you are in San Francisco and want to visit my studio and see some art.

Skate Deck Paintings

How can someone contact you?

Through my art website at, and by email at jean(AT)